Vardzia is a 12th century cave monastery ensemble. It is located in southern Georgia - Javakheti. Vardzia is a distinguished monument of the medieval Georgian architecture, located on the shore of the river Mtkvari, 100 km south of Borjomi.

Across the river Mtkvari there are about 600 different types of concrete structures: temples, bell towers, residential cells, baths, libraries and more. The storerooms are located at 50 meters in depth at the height of the eighth floor. There are secret tunnels preserved – the roads connecting storerooms and a water supply with each other. In the center of the complex the main cathedral is located - the church of the Assumption of the Mother of God. The walls of the hall are decorated with unique frescoes (King George III and Queen Tamar 1180). The frescoes of "The Assumption of the Virgin", "Ressurection" and "Transfiguration" have great artistic and historical significance. Vardzia monastic ensemble was created mostly in 1156-1205. During this period George III and his daughter Queen Tamar were reigning. Vardzia was located on the southwestern border of Georgia. It defended the Mtkvari valley from the invasions of Persians and Turks. Vardzia is currently a monastic complex and is one of the main tourist attractions. Tourists can see and walk on their feet in up to 100 ancient caves.